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Romain Darnajoux
Sherbrooke, QC, Canada Biogéochemistry Écologie forestière Nitrogénase Cyanolichen Molybdène Vanadium Boréal forêt Fixation d'azote Cyanobactérie

Version française à venir : My research lies at the interaction between physical science, chemistry and biological sciences. I like to develop various physico-chemical methods and tools in order to decipher complex biological phenomenon. During my post graduate studies, I specialize myself in microbiology, especially cyanobacteria, and in the understanding of global biogeochemical pathway, such as nitrogen fixation. My goal is to further understand the abiotic and metabolic process that drive dynamics of N cycle, especially between cyanobacteria, and higher living form such as moss or lichen. I am also very interested in multivariate statistic and computer model for a better approach of complex emerging systems.


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2015 :

4 -

2014 :

3 - Darnajoux R., Lutzoni F., Miadlikowska J., and Bellenger J. P. (2014). Determination of baseline metal contamination using peltigeralean lichens in Northeastern Canada. Science of the Total Environment. (en révision)

2 - Darnajoux R., Constantin J., Miadlikowska J., Lutzoni F. and Bellenger J.P. (2014) Is vanadium a biometal for boreal cyanolichens? New Phytologist, vol202: 765-771

2013 :

1 - Allard P., Darnajoux R., Phalyvong K. and Bellenger J.P. (2013) Effects of tungsten and titanium oxide nanoparticles on the diazotrophic growth and metals acquisition by Azotobacter vinelandii under molybdenum limiting condition. Environmental Science and Technology, vol 47: 2061-2068

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